Men, you are completely responsible for the success of your relationship. Period. It’s all up to you. It’s not your wife’s responsibility. She did nothing wrong and there is nothing wrong with her.

Men are expected to take the lead in matters of romance and passion. Period. Women by nature are “reactive” in romance and passion. Men ask women out on dates. The woman either accepts or declines. Men propose marriage to women. The woman either accepts or declines. The man leads, the woman chooses to either follow or not. It’s as simple as that. This has always been true and this will always be true.

Success in a relationship is simple, but it is difficult for many men because they are misinformed by disempowering social programming or bad role models.

We live in a politically correct world, or put more simply, misleading untrue information. What is true is that men and women are different. Men and women are complimentary with their own respective roles. Men are responsible for leading in the context of romance and passion.

Your woman will mirror you. If you lead ineffectively, your relationship will be ineffective. Men who believe otherwise are not having success in their relationship.

If a man blames feminism for his challenges, he is wrong and has victim mentality. Men and women are equal, but they are different. Women have rights, but that does not release the man from his responsibilities. Women want equal opportunity, but that does not mean women want to take the lead in romance and passion. You are still expected to lead.

Politically correct social programming and other modern societal factors has led to an epidemic of “nice guy” doormats. No woman is going to respect that. Such men end up frustrated, bewildered, and passive-aggressive.

But there is hope. It’s called “truth found in reality”. Let us show you the way. Discover the truths that will give you the life you want and the relationship success you seek by subscribing to our free email newsletter.

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