Hi, my name is David Shade. I started on my journey after my divorce in 1992. The first thing I did was accept total responsibility for the failure of the marriage. I refused to be a victim. Instead I became empowered.

Then I set out to discover the truth in reality. I looked behind the curtain of politically correct social programming to find how things really work. I quickly discovered that the rabbit hole runs very deep.

When the internet became widely available in the late 90s, I wrote about my discoveries. A following quickly formed and I became respected as the “no nonsense” expert on relationships.

In 2001 I created David Shade Corporation and released my first book. Since then I have written a dozen more. As a result, I have improved the relationships of tens of thousands of couples world-wide.

I have given numerous seminars, have been a featured speaker at relationship conferences, have been on numerous radio shows, have been interviewed by many experts for their interview series, have written for major magazines, and I command $1,000 an hour for phone coaching.

My teachings on relationships are based on reality, with no fluff or BS. My highly effective methods are so powerful they have been called “absolutely lethal”. When it comes to teaching men how to make their relationships more fulling, I am a trained killer.

Why don’t you join me by subscribing to my emails? I am going to give you the hard-hitting truths that will make your relationship rewarding beyond your wildest dreams.

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