A Woman’s Mind Revealed

What do women want? Even Sigmund Freud admitted he couldn’t figure it out. But we know. Discover what women really want, think and feel. Things that they would never openly admit themselves.

You will see the truth of how things really work, revealing to you the secrets that will make you successful in your relationship.

Upon it’s release on October 7, 2009, it was the 8th best selling book on all of Amazon. Now you can download it instantly here. Add To Cart

Cure Nice Guy

Realize why you have been a victim to social programming, how society has led you astray, and why you have been frustrated and ineffective. Discover the belief systems that will empower you. Become confident and personally powerful. Add To Cart

Be The Man

Realize powerful leadership that she welcomes. Command respect that she takes seriously. Manifest confident control that she happily gives over to. Many chapters written by my successful top clients and trusted mentors. Add To Cart

Select Women Wisely

Success begins by choosing wisely. Get this wrong, and nothing will work. Get this right, and everything will work. How to avoid the drama queens. How to spot the ones who will be highly responsive to you.

Everything you need to completely fulfill a woman is already within her, but a woman can only be as fulfilled she she believes she deserves to be. Find one who believes she deserves it. Discover the easy and dependable ways to know if she will be a good one. Add To Cart

Coaching with Lena Voyles

Lena Voyles is our very successful coach who has helped numerous clients become successful in their relationships.

You have seen Lena’s brilliance in action in her writings and VIP newsletters. She will bring the same kind of professionalism, depth of thought, insight, and effort to communicate in plain English to the private coaching sessions you schedule with her. Schedule coaching with Lena Voyles here.


And for the ladies:

Select Men Wisely

Know for certain if a man is good for you and will treat you right, in just 2 dates or less. Finally, a simple effective way to know if he’s “relationship material” before you get involved. Many brilliant female guest authors contributed to this amazing program. Add To Cart.

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